Frequently Asked Questions

The shelf life of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is 3 years from date of manufacturing.

For optimal performance, please store the product in a cool, dark space kept at a temperature between 32°-77°F or 0°-25°C.

No, OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is only available in syringes of 3g (1.8mL).

Smart Chromatic Technology is a replication of structural color, a naturally occurring phenomenon seen in morpho butterflies, peacocks, surfaces of CDs, bubbles, etc. When different wavelengths of light are amplified or weakened by the structure of the material itself, the material will express colors other than what the material may actually be.
For example, if we strip away the light and magnify the surface of a peacock feather, they appear brown. However, when we see the feather naturally, the light is manipulated and our eyes perceive it as the beautiful, metallic looking blues and greens. OMNICHROMA is the first composite to utilize structural color science rather than relying on dyes and pigments to color-match.

− Direct anterior and posterior restorations
− Cavity base or liner
− Blocking out cavity undercuts before fabricating indirect restorations
− Repair of porcelain/composite

No, any bonding system designed for use with resin composites works well with OMNICHROMA Flow BULK. However, we do recommend Tokuyama Universal Bond, which is the first and only self-etch and self-cure universal adhesive capable of achieving superior bond strength to all dental materials while following the same, quick and easy, 25-second protocol for every application. It saves time by eliminating the need for etching; surface agitation; light-curing; and does not require the use of any additional primers or activators. Tokuyama Universal Bond virtually eliminates post-op sensitivity.
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OMNICHROMA Flow BULK can be placed in 3.5mm increment.

The curing time of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK varies according to the Relationship between light intensity, curing time and increment depth of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK.
See chart below:

Yes. We recommend 5 seconds or more light irradiation with a high intensity curing unit. See the table in the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) for reference. An adequate depth of cure can be obtained even with 3 seconds on the data, however when the light irradiation time is shorter than 3 seconds, the clinical technique sensitivity will be higher, therefore we recommend 5 seconds or more.

Due to OMNICHROMA Flow BULK’s Structural Color Technology, OMNICHROMA Flow BULK will always adapt to the shade of the tooth structure it is bonded to. So, whether your patient’s teeth darken over time or if they whiten after bleaching, OMNICHROMA Flow BULK will shade-match the changing tooth color. There is no need to replace the composite!

Any polishing kit will work well with OMNICHROMA Flow BULK.

No, it doesn’t.

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK does not contain Bis-GMAs.

You do not have to use BLOCKER in most cases for OMNICHROMA Flow BULK to work. BLOCKER is a supplementary material to be used in conjunction with OMNICHROMA Flow BULK as a lingual layer to prevent shade-matching interference in certain cases, such as extensive class III and IV restorations. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can also be used to mask staining, dark dentin, or to reconstruct a highly opaque tooth.

OMNICHROMA FLOW BULK offers clinicians a new bulk fill restorative option, saving you time and money.

  • Similarity: All OMNICHROMA product family are light-cured material. Utilizing Smart Chromatic Technology and uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers, OMNICHROMA product family esthetically matches every color of tooth from A1 to D4 with a single shade.
  • Difference: type of composite, viscosity, spherical fillers contents, depth cure increments, indications.

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK: provide information of flowable bulk fill, viscosity, spherical fillers contents, depth cure increments, indications.
OMNICHROMA Flow: provide information of flowable composite, viscosity, spherical fillers contents, depth cure increments, indications.
OMNICHROMA: provide information of universal composite, viscosity, spherical fillers contents, depth cure increments, indications.