Compressive Strength

Compressive strength of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK (414MPa) is the highest among commercially available bulk fill composites while its flexural strength (120MPa) represents a typical level, ensuring dependable restorations.

Cavity Adaptation

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK has low viscosity—it uniformly adapts to cavity walls. Adapting and covering margins ensures less risk of secondary caries.


Stain Resistance

The extent of staining OMNICHROMA Flow BULK displayed after being immersed into a coffee solution for 48hours was the lowest among commercially available bulk fill composites.

High Polishability

OMNICHROMA Flow Bulk Produces extremely high glossiness compared to other bulk fill Composites.

Low Shrinkage

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK exhibits low polymerization shrinkage compared to many other commercially available bulk fill composites.



In polishability tests, OMNICHROMA Flow BULK shows to produce extremely high glossiness.

Stain Resistance


The extent of staining for OMNICHROMA Flow BULK was relatively low among commercially available resin composites when immersed in coffee for 24 hours at 80°C. Therefore, OMNICHROMA Flow BULK will resist staining for the life of the restoration.



The radiopacity of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is average and sufficient for prognosis observations.